St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Finance Department

The Finance Department of Rosewood is responsible for the financial functions of the facility that includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, materials management, human resources and receptionist activities.

The Reception Area, located near the main entrance is open seven days a week to assist residents with questions as well as welcome and direct visitors and staff and receive incoming phone calls.

The Business Office, located on the main floor is open Monday through Friday.  The Business Office consists of the Finance Director, Payroll/Benefits Specialist and Account Receivable Specialist.  They take care of all facility finances and are there to assist residents with billing and insurance information and staff with payroll and benefit information.

Dietary Services

The goal of the dietary department is to provide quality meals and a pleasant dining experience for all residents.   Rosewood has open meal times to provide more flexibility for residents. There are five meals and snacks offered throughout the day. In addition, we have room service available for limited hours everyday.

To provide choices, select menus are offered at brunch and dinner everyday. Residents may select the items they prefer at each of these meals.

We have an AM cook and a PM cook on duty to prepare and serve meals and snacks. They prepare the regular menus as well as special items needed for therapeutic diets ordered by the physician. 

There are dietary aides on duty to assist the cook with meal and snack preparation and service. Dietary aides also set tables, wash dishes and stock nourishment centers along with other kitchen duties.  

The kitchen is open from 5:45 AM to 7:00 PM everyday. Nourishment centers are located on each floor and have a microwave, toaster and refrigerator that may be used by residents and guests.  The nourishment canters are stocked with snack items such as juice, milk, ice cream, sherbet, cheese, crackers, bread and condiments. These snacks are available 24 hours a day.

Environmental Services

Caring for the building and grounds to provide a clean, safe and comfortable surroundings is the main concern of Environmental Services.


The housekeepers at Rosewood provide cleaning of all resident rooms and other areas of the building.

Residents’ input is very important to the process of their daily tasks.  If individuals have special housekeeping requests or a particular time they want their room cleaned, the housekeeper is ready to please.

Your housekeepers not only will “Keep house” for you but also is a source of friendship and support.


All Rosewood linens are laundered in the main floor laundry facility at Rosewood. 

Personal clothing is washed in the laundry room on the floor where the resident lives.  If you prefer to do your own laundry, or have a family member do it, the washers and dryers are available to you also.


The safety of residents, visitors and staff of Rosewood is very important.  The maintenance staff work to maintain the building  and grounds so they are safe and comfortable for everyone’s use and everything is in working order.

Case Managers

Case managers are paCase Managersrt of the Case Management Department.  They will work closely with individuals, their family and other facility staff to coordinate non-medical areas of care. 

Case managers will provide individuals and their family, with an orientation to Rosewood that will help them get to know the staff and routines of Rosewood. 

They are be available to answer questions, assist with any concerns individuals have throughout their stay at Rosewood, including discharge planning as well as assist with social, emotional, recreational and spiritual preferences.

The department is staffed with social workers, resident programming staff and staff who manage the day program, Rainbow Square.

Nursing Services

All staff members at Rosewood are dedicated to serving the residents.  Developing and nurturing relationships among residents, families, and staff is part of Rosewood’s Mission.    Through primary care we provide individualized personal care to the resident with a team approach.  Primary care givers work with the same residents daily to develop comfortable routines and relationships.

Nurses at Rosewood assist residents with their medical care based on the direction of an attending physician. The nurses provide periodic assessment and evaluation of drug therapy, physical, and functional needs.  Most of the time the same nurse will be assessing the resident to provide consistent care. 

The nursing staff consists of a Nursing Services Manager, registered nurses (RN’s), licensed practical nurses (LPN’s), medication technicians, and resident assistants (RA's) and are supervised by the Director of Nursing.  The Nursing Services Manager will work together with Staff Nurses and RA’s to coordinate   medical and personal cares.  Resident Assistants (RAs) are all Certified Nursing Assistants and are assigned to a primary list of residents.  The RAs will learn the habits and routines regarding a resident’s personal cares.  Staff Nurses and RA’s are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. 

Rosewood on Broadway is a skilled nursing facility, certified for Medicare and Medicaid (Medical Assistance) and a VA contract.