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Volunteer with Resident at Rosewood on BroadwayVolunteers Brighten Lives!

As a volunteer, you have something to give to residents that no one else can give, yourself! You will have an impact on the daily lives of the residents of ROSEWOOD. The time and energy you share is appreciated by the residents, their families and our staff.

The goals of the Volunteer Program are to:

  • Enhance the quality of life for the residents of Rosewood.
  • Provide volunteers with meaningful work, learning experiences and recognition.
  • Increase the community’s awareness of Rosewood, it’s residents and services.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Medical Escorts—escort residents to appointments on an on-call basis
  • Hairdressers—Set and style hair
  • Mail Assistants—Sort and deliver mail to residents
  • Chapel Assistants—Escort residents and assist during chapel service
  • Musicians—individually or in a group perform for residents
  • Bingo assistants—assist residents to play and distribute prizes
  • Program Assistants—participate in a variety of different group and individual activities with staff and residents
  • Courtyard keeper—assist with tending the gardens
  • Outing escorts—with staff, attend and escort residents on community outings
  • Bakers—lead or assist baking groups
  • Card players—Bridge, Whist, Pinochle
  • Men’s group leaders—help plan and assist with programs for men only!

Rosewood Auxiliary

Rosewood Auxiliary is a group of people interested in helping Rosewood on Broadway to be a more comfortable and interesting place to live. They hold fund raising activities throughout the year. They also assist by volunteering in various ways within Rosewood. The Auxiliary has played a significant role in the development and growth of Rosewood.

Contact Rosewood if you are interested in becoming a member.